Great Places To Ride Your Bike In Charlotte, NC

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Great Bike Rides Apartments For Rent Charlotte, NCGreat Places To Ride Your Bike In Charlotte, NC

What’s the best thing about riding a bike?

Being outside and getting some exercise and fresh air?


Exploring your city?


Or tearing down a steep singletrack trail and catching air off a massive drop?


Whatever your favorite flavor of two-wheeled adventure, Charlotte has plenty of great options for everyone. 


We’ve gathered up a list of some of the best local rides for you to check out the next sunny day.


This ever-growing stretch of paved track currently has over six miles to ride, going from Toby Creek Greenway to Cordelia Park north of uptown. It’s a nice, safe scenic ride perfect for a Sunday afternoon. There’s a bathroom along the trail for needed rest stops.


Simple to get to without much traffic, this nature trail outside the city is a great ride if you want to get out, commune with nature and see some wildlife.


Explore Charlotte with this ride through downtown. There’s almost five miles of paved track along the rail line. Go all the way from South End to Uptown, with tons to see along the way, including the ‘Before I Die’ mural, art, restaurants and bars. If you don’t have your own wheels, rent a bike from one of the B-cycle stations.


If you enjoy road cycling and want to work on your speed and time, Huntersville Business Park is the perfect place. Many cyclists go here to train. Both shoulders of the road have wide bike lanes with plenty of room for groups.


This recreation center has every outdoor sport under the sun. From whitewater rafting and rock climbing to mountain biking and paddle boarding, they’ve got it. With more than 50 miles of singletrack trail ranging from newbie to seasoned, there’s more than enough dirt for any mountain biker to get lost on.


These mountain biking singletrack trails are well maintained and a blast to ride. Plenty of obstacles and trails for all levels of riders.


Another one for the dirt riders. This track through the woods has some great downhills and whoop-de-dos.


So there you have it, seven great rides for all types of riders. What are you waiting for?


Get your bike ready, grab your gear and a friend and get out there.


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